The Most Exciting And Generous Pay Plan In The Industry

Our Plan Is What Dreams Are Made Of!

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We offer six ways to get paid, monthly reoccurring bonus pools that add together as you go higher and higher in your bonuses and the ability to make up to a $320 or more in your first month with only 10 customers buying our $48.99 product! And that’s not the half of it!

But before we get into the money aspects, you first need to know several things about EmzaGold and the commitment of our founder, Steve Carmack.

First of all, Steve has promised in writing that he will never change the pay plan. After building over 40,000 reps in his past businesses, he had his pay plan cut and he and his family were seriously hurt financially, and as a result, he has promised NEVER to change the EmzaGold Representative Pay Plan. NEVER! You own your own business that you can sell, transfer or will it to your children’s children if you so desire.

If you don’t read or listen to anything else on this website, you need to listen to Steve tell his story on the Founder’s Video by Clicking Here. It will let you see why EmzaGold is the best company in the world for you to own your own home business, barring none.

He has created the simplest and most straight forward pay plan in the world and he has eliminated all of the risks for both the EmzaGold Reps as well as the EmzaGold customers. There is NO frontend loading to the rep. Your business is free, your website is free, your back end is free, and we do the billing, shipping, and customer service. When you have just five customers, you get your EmzaGold for free every month (just pay shipping). Your customers have a 90-day, money back guarantee on their first purchase, no questions asked.

We Know That Time Is Money So We Pay You VERY WELL For Your Results With EmzaGold!

As we said earlier, you have six ways to get paid. At the bottom of this information is a link to a short video that explains in detail the financial opportunity that is available to anyone who wants to be involved with our exciting company.

But as we said earlier, you have an opportunity to make up to a $320 or more in your first month with only 10 customers to jump start your business, and that is just the start to the potential of thousands of dollars per month in reoccurring income to the individuals who want a real opportunity to own their own home business*. What is incredible about our pay plan is the fact that you are paid from your first customer (Checks are cut after the sales are tabulated at the end of the month when accumulated commissions equal $10 or more).

What is really amazing is we add monthly bonuses for achievement together each month. For instance, when you have only 10 customers, you are an Executive Director which makes you eligible for a monthly pool where the company puts $5 per bottle companywide to be shared equally between all of the Executive Directors in the company. Suppose after you become an Executive Director you obtain only 30 people that are getting their product for free (because they have only five customers) then you are a TrailBlazer and you receive an additional $1,000 per month reoccurring bonus that is ADDED to your Executive Director Bonus! At EmzaGold, we do not take away from you…we add up your bonuses!

Please click here to watch the short video to learn just how exciting our pay program actually is!